Posted by: beccathomas | April 28, 2010

Multi Media Writing (Topic of the Week 14)

I am currently taking a Public Relations Writing class at Georgia Southern University, and as a part of that class we are required to take several online help courses.  These courses are put on by Poynter’s News University.  The courses they offer can serve as a great learning tool, and have proven to be very useful.  The course that I took recently was called Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling.  This course was very informative and well worth my time!

I learned many things while taking this course.  Radio and Television writing is a form of multimedia story telling.  When you write for radio the releases are similar to that of press releases.  Although, radio releases require more concise writing and a conversational tone must be used.  I learned that television news releases must contain sound and visual elements.  These help make television releases stand out to their audiences.

I was surprised to learn that how similar radio releases are to press releases.  I was also surprised at how much I enjoy Multi Media writing.  I think I prefer the conversational tone and feel more comfortable writing in that manner.

I would have liked to learn more detailed information.  I feel like this course did not go into as much detail as the previous ones we took.  I would still recommend the course, but I feel as if I could still use some more practice with this type of writing.

Do not just take my word for this course.  You need to take some time and check it out for yourself.  The course will help you explore this topic further and hopefully give you a better understanding of the subject matter.  I know you will not regret it if you give the course a try.  Hopefully you will find the course beneficial, and that you will be able to learn something new!


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