Posted by: beccathomas | April 28, 2010

PR Connections

When thinking about connecting what I learn in my PR class and seeing it played out in the “real word”, I can’t think of a better example than the After Dark promotion here on campus last year.  This event took place last spring, but it still has left an impression on me.  After Dark is a program connected with the organization Kanakuk, and is just one of their many programs nationwide.

After Dark sent a representative down to the GSU campus to head up the promotion, and they wasted no time before getting to work.  They split their volunteers into different promotional based teams to spread the work load out.  Their main goal through the promotion was to have GSU campus buzzing about After Dark, leaving the students curious and interested.  Some of their promotion ideas were bright t-shirts containing all event info, free lunch cook outs, free fliers and posters, personal announcements in classrooms and in club meetings, free balloons with event info, chalk writings all over campus, and a rally.  The best idea to draw attention and awareness in my opinion though was the three freeze outs they did around campus.  At a designated time and spot all promotion people wearing the event t-shirts would freeze at the sound of a whistle for 5 minutes.   These demonstrations drew a huge crowds and had the campus buzzing.  I think this organization did a great job at reaching their audience, and using all different forms of PR to communicate their message.


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