Posted by: beccathomas | April 28, 2010

Infographics (Topic of the Week 11)

This week in my Public Relations class we are discussing infographics.  According to my PR textbook, infographics are computer generated artwork that attractively displays simple tables and charts.  Infographics can be an important part of a publication, and I think it is crucial for Public Relations people familiarize themselves with this concept.  Infographics can make publications and presentations more appealing and more noticed.  Also, the audience is more likely to grasp the major message and understand the full concept when people use infographics.

Infographics could be useful in a story for my client, because they could help tie the whole story together.  Infographics include charts and tables, which visual aids are always helpful when done right.  These infographics can help present the overall message or key points to the targeted audience.

Infographics are easy to create, and they will prove to be well worth your time.  Infographics can never hurt, but only bring creativity clarity to the whole presentation.  I think every person in the communication field should have to be familiar with infographics, because they are extremely beneficial to any presentation you are about to give.  So, take a few moments and click on one of the links I have posted.  It has been a while, but I still think the facts you will learn will be well worth your time!


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