Posted by: beccathomas | April 27, 2010

Tips for Success

When reading chapter 11 in my PR textbook, I found some really useful tips.  The chapter is all about getting along with journalists.  This is something anyone in the communication field should take time to read.  This chapter includes many tips that you can use to be successful in your relationships with journalists and editors.  I highly encourage you to look at some of the tips I listed below, because this is an important subject matter that should not be over looked.

  • The book shares that gimmicks, such as coffee mugs or T-shirts, are not well received by reporters and editors.
  • You should only hold news conferences if there is significant news to be covered.  The news conference should involve news that will allow room for elaboration and questions.
  • Do not ask reporters if they got your news release.  This is said to be a very irritating question for them, and they will not be fond of you asking this question.
  • Press tours should only be held if there is sufficient news to cover and a legitimate news angle to cover.  Other wise, you are wasting the journalists time.

Those were just a few of the tips the book listed.  If you are working in the communication field, I hope you will take time to read through this chapter on your own.  The tips are useful, and could possibly save you from embarrassing yourself in the workplace.


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