Posted by: beccathomas | April 27, 2010

Time to Present

Chapter 15 in my PR textbook (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Wilcox) is all about giving speeches and presentations.  This was a very useful chapter to read, and I found several important facts that were worth remembering.  I listed some of the most important facts that I found in the chapter below.  Take some time and read through these facts.

  • Speeches and presentations are great ways for your organization to gain visibility and reach their key target audiences and publics.
  • The text notes that speeches should be prepared for listeners not readers.
  • Speeches must be targeted to their audience, be specific, get a reaction, have a definite objective, and be timely.
  • Remember that audiovisuals are a great way to ensure that your audience retains and understands the information being presented.
  • The text notes that the key to successful visual aids is a brief copy and large type.
  • Speeches should have only one to three key messages.

These were just a few of the facts I wrote down while reading this chapter.  If you are in the communications field, I highly recommend you read this chapter for yourself.  I think it will be well worth your time, and that you will find many other useful facts.


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