Posted by: beccathomas | April 27, 2010

PR Highlights

As I was reading through chapter 14 in my PR textbook (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Wilcox), I found some important facts that were worth highlighting.  I listed these key facts for you below, so take some time and check them out!

  • Remember to keep your messages short, clear, and to the point.  You do not want to over load people with information or clutter your publications.
  • The text notes that e-mail is not a substitute for personal one-on-one communication.
  • Memos should be one page or less.  Also, it is important to list the key message immediately in the memo.
  • A memo is made up of five parts: date, to, from, subject, and message.  You need to cover each of these when writing a memo.
  • A proposal paper should begin with an overview, so people can read the highlights quickly.

These are just a few of the facts that I thought were worth highlighting.  You should take time to check out the chapter for yourself, so you can read about these facts more in-depth.  Hope you found these facts useful!


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