Posted by: beccathomas | April 27, 2010

PR Facts to Know

I was reading through chapter 13 in my PR textbook (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Wilcox), and found some important facts.  I think these facts are useful for anyone in the Public Relations field, so take some time and check out the facts below!

  • According to the text, there are two main strengths found in print publications.  The two strengths are that they can feature in-depth stories and they can reflect the face of the organization.
  • When making a publication it should reflect the organizations goals, culture, and objectives.
  • Remember that headlines should be written in active voice.
  • Use fonts that have a high readability and remember that black is the most readable color.
  • Remember that every publication you write should have an overall mission statement.

These are just a few of the facts I thought were important while reading through chapter 13.  I hope you find these facts helpful and informative.  Take some time and read through this chapter yourself, because I’m sure you’ll find many more useful facts.


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