Posted by: beccathomas | April 27, 2010

Interesting Facts

I was reading through chapter 12 in my PR textbook ( Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Wilcox), and came across some interesting facts.  Some of the facts that stuck out to me the most are listed below.  Hopefully you will take some time to read through these facts, and hopefully you will find them helpful!

  • Writing for the Web is different and requires nonlinear organization.
  • Written material for the Web should be short.  Three to four paragraphs is the optimal length.
  • Blogging has become a highly used medium for influence.  If you are in the communication field, you should really consider entering the blogging world.
  • The textbook notes that Facebook and MySpace are the most popular networking sites used.
  • Twitter and texting have become very popular in the Public Relations field, and they are seen as a way to communicate to the masses.

Those were just a few interesting facts I read.  There are many other interesting facts that I did not list, so be sure to check out this chapter for yourself!  Hopefully you will enjoy the read and learn something new!


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