Posted by: beccathomas | March 4, 2010

Times are Changing

Times are changing, as the economy has taken a plunge over the last few years.  No one can seem to escape to reach of the economic times of crisis.  It has even come to the point where now our education system is drastically being affected by this issue.  Even closer to home, the colleges of Georgia will be taking huge budget cuts this upcoming year.

Georgia Southern’s president, Dr. Keel, posted a video on youtube in order to give an inside look to the current money issues.  In this video, he informed every one of the changes that Georgia Southern would have to endure in the upcoming year due to the sever budget cuts.  The changes are extensive and leaving many people unsatisfied, but the issues seem to be out of his hands.  He encouraged everyone to make our complaints known to our state of Georgia politicians, because the budget cuts should not take place.  Dr. Keel seemed to be very honest and straightforward in his address, and he seems to be striving to maintain Georgia Southern’s long running traditions and core values.

I do not want to see Georgia Southern go through the proposed changes, because I know it will affect the heart of the school.  So, get involved and write you state politicians about this today!



  1. The idea of the new proposed budget cuts for Georgia Southern University really tears at my heart. I do not understand why, of all things, higher education has to suffer? Is there not somewhere else the money can come from? I am very concerned because I want to finish college and graduate, but if tuition is raised and the budget cuts are enforced I am not sure if that is going to happen, at least not at Georgia Southern. I believe that as public relations majors this is a wonderful opportunity not only for us to help spread the word and awareness, but also a change for us to stand out and get our voices heard. There are many petitions going around to sign that are being sent to the senator and politicians. Please check those out on Facebook and Twitter! This post topic is definitely worth mentioning.

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  3. This is something that everyone should get on board with. Throughout the past decade, Georgia Southern has built a reputation as one of the best values in the country. This has been a huge draw for many students, and as a result, the university has grown. Nobody wants to see tuition go up, and I certainly don’t like that these budget cuts may tarnish GSU’s reputation. As a PR student, I think in addtion to writing our representatives, we should create a strong online prescence in opposition of the budget cuts. Blogging is a great way to start. Facebook and Twitter would be useful as well.

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