Posted by: beccathomas | March 4, 2010

Do I hear Tweeting? (Topic of the Week 7)

I’m not sure if any of you have heard of Twitter, or even know what it is all about, so hopefully this post will be useful.  Twitter an application that is free for anyone to use.  Once you set up a profile, you will be asked to answer the question “What’s happening?”  Then you have the chance to respond with whatever is on your mind.

My professor asked us to do one week of twitter, and write about our experience.  In the beginning, I was not too sold on the whole twitter idea.  I was not really sure of how this would help me or be worth my time.  I put my apprehensions aside, and joined in the one week trial.

After a week of twitter, I have made some conclusions.  I think over all this is a helpful application to have, and that is useful to know about.  It can help you network easier, and get out important information fast.  It also allows you to receive important information and updates in a quick and efficient way.  I think that twitter is only as beneficial as you make it though.  The less you use it, then the less you will get out of it.  The more you use it and explore it, then the more comfortable you will feel about it.

I will continue my twitter account, and try to become a more steady user as time goes on.  Do not just take my word for it, be sure to check out Twitter for yourself!


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