Posted by: beccathomas | May 1, 2009

Response Time

This semester In my Intro to PR class I’ve been challenged to step out of my comfort zone.  I’m usually a person set in my ways.  Someone who enjoys the simplicity of things and is not caught up in the “happening” of the world.  I’ve learned though that If I’m going to be in PR I have to be more involved.  I have to be up to date and current in my news.  One thing I really enjoy doing every week in class is the weekly news quiz.  We listen to random questions being asked about the news in the past week and see how many questions you can get right in a certain time limit.  Those quizzes really opened my eyes to how little I actually knew.  Then in class we talked about how it’s crucial to be update, so you know how to relate and respond.  I now make more of an effort to be involved in the world around me.  Take time to notice current events, its information that can only be useful.


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