Posted by: beccathomas | April 30, 2009

Up and At ’em…

This morning came way to fast!  By that I mean, my eyelids did not stay shut for an acceptable amount of time.  With that being said, its only expected that when trying to wake up this morning my eyelids must have weighed 1,000 pounds!  Soneedless to say, I pried myself out of bed 10 minutes before class started.  Now this is a big problem when you live off campus!  So i got ready in record time and ran downstairs, and to my great surprise my wonderful roommate was up and willing to take me to class.  LIFE SAVOR.  Because of her great act of kindness I arrived just in time.  What a relief!  Lets hope I get my act together so the rest of this day will flow smoothly.


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