Posted by: beccathomas | April 29, 2009


Today was marked by an invasion…of ants that is!  This morning I was in a rush off to class, so I left my napkin from breakfast on my desk.  Now I am a pretty clean and tidy person most of the time, so now that I had full intentions of throwing this napkin away this afternoon.  Well as I return to my desk after lunch, I see several small black ants crawling on my napkin.  I immediately kill them and throw away the napkin.  Next I am puzzled to how these ants knew of my napkin in a matter of hours and climbed up three stories into my room.  Thinking the problem was under control, I went about my room getting things in order for the rest of the day.  After about 10 minutes I return to my desk only to look beside me at my window and to my horror see a line of ants.  They were coming in through my window seal and seemed to be wasting no time.  I scrambled around my room and I could only find some OFF bug replant.  So I then proceeded to soak those suckers and the window seal.  It has now been a few hours and all signs are pointing towards mission accomplished!  Lets hope things stay this way!



  1. Oh you may need to bring in the ant “hut” killers. There are these things that ants go into that have what looks like food for them but it is really poisoned water! It works great! I have an extra one if you need it!

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