Posted by: beccathomas | March 30, 2009


Instead of having class last week my teacher, Professor Nixon, had us watch a video of Seth Godin discussing his book  Tribes.  I was so glad I had the opportunity to watch this video, because it was very interesting as well as insightful.  I know if it hadn’t been an assignment I most likely would have never seen this video, so I am really glad this video was worked into our schedule.

A tribe is a group of people, no matter the size, who are connected to oneanother, a leader, and an idea.  It’s our very nature to join tribes, and people have been doing it since the beginning of time.  The tribes could be based upon religion, ethnic background, politcal stand points, and list could continue on.  People are always looking for a place to belong and for something to believe in.  Seth talked about how the Internet has really expanded the broadness and elimanted barriers for tribes.  Blogging and sites are helping tribes be known and in turn grow.  The interent is allowing people to network in ways that were not possible before.  The interent allows tribes to connect with others and also has helped other tribes form.  I thin kthe interesting fact is that even though the Interent has been a huge help to tribes, the interent can not lead a tribe.  It takes an individual to lead a tribe.  It takes a person who has a passion about something and wants to see that passion ignite.  It takes someone who wants to make a difference and someone who wants to be heard.  After this video, I defintely want to read his book so I can learn more about leadership.  I really encourage you all to check out his video, I will include his link at the bottom.  Hope you all have a great day! ~This is a link to his video ~Here is Seth’s Blog ~Here is a link to buy his book!


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