Posted by: beccathomas | March 25, 2009

Key Points in PR

I found some key points that highlight/summarize Chapter 3 in my Public Relations textbook, that I thought would be beneficial to share.

1.Ethics refers to a person’s value system and how she or he determines right or wrong.

2.There are three basic ethic value orientations:  absolutist, existentialist, and situationist

3.  Groups like PRSA, lABC, and lPRA help set standards for ethical behavior of the PR profession

4.  A PR professional should have: *Sense of independence, *Sense of responsibility to society and the public interest, *manifest concern for the competence and honor of the profession as a whole, and *Have a higher loyalty to the standards of the profession and fellow professionals then to the employer and the moment.

**All of this information was obtained directly from the Public Relations Strategies and Tactics textbook by Dennis Wilcox and Glen Cameron**



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