Posted by: beccathomas | February 28, 2009

Key Points to Landing a Job

It is crucial to be able to capitalize on any job opportunity we have these days, considering the current state of our economy.  There are are so many people looking for jobs that you have to find a way for the employer to remember you from everyone else.  In my PR class we discussed many tips and hints to job searching, and I think these helpful hints below might give you a slight edge over the average applicant.

During the Interview:

  • Research the company before the interview
  • Research the position your applying for before the interview
  • Introduce yourself with a firm, but not over bearing handshake
  • Make eye contact when speaking with the employer
  • Stand up and give acknowledge to new people entering the room
  • Have a resume handy
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Sit tall and confident
  • Do not exaggerate when answering questions
  • Do not exaggerate on your resume

Those are just a few tips to help you be more successful when interviewing for a job.  Most of all remember relax and to be yourself, because others can tell if your not.  Happy job searching!!


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