Posted by: beccathomas | February 15, 2009

Wag the Dog

In Wag the Dog, the PR  Practitioner quite clearly embodies one of the core value orientations. From his petty decision of giving the President a false sickness, to his more extensive fabrications of a false war, this PR Practitioners’ value orientation is textbook situational. He is willing to do whatever it takes to solve the current situation, with the notion that maintaining a lie now is better than the truth ever coming to the surface.

The PRSA Code of Ethics is broken repeatedly and consciously by the PR Practitioner. He so clearly does not conduct himself accurately, fairly, or with an urgent responsibility to the public. His responsibility is to the President; to create and manage goodwill towards him alone.

The idea behind Wag the Dog is perfect for this movie. It simply means that certain groups can make the public believe whatever they wish. They have complete control over what is ‘public knowledge’ and what is acceptable to the public as a whole.

I would say that the PR Practitioner has more negative qualities in this film than positive. He sadly embodies the notion that all PR Practitioners have ulterior motives, and that they are working for the good of one entity instead of the for the good of the public as a whole.


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