Posted by: beccathomas | February 4, 2009

PR Through the Ages

   Getting into groups to take a closer look at PR through the ages was really interesting to me.  I thought it was a great idea, because we were able to have a quick overview of important highlights.  It also really forced me to dig into the chapter a little dipper, so I wouldn’t over look some key facts.  Each time period seem to have their own crucial events or achievements, which led to developing Public Relations into the field it is today.

The Early Beginnings time period played an active role in the Boston Tea Party.  During this time Public Relations was used for the Holy Crusades.  Tom Paine’s Common Sense was published and that along with Federalists papers laid the foundation for opinion pieces.

Press Agentry and Hype time period used Public Relations to lour tourists to travel by the means of railroads.  Also Phineas T. Bormium was known as the great American showman of the 19th century.

PR Pioneers time period found Teddy Roosevelt to be the first president to have a press conference.  The Ivey Leauge became the first to use press releases.  Also, Edward Bernays was known as the modern father of PR.

In the PR Comes to Age time period women become a dominant part of PR.  The TV was invented and the Internet was introduced, especially for marketing.  Also more jobs were being offered due to the economic boom as a result of World War II.

In the Evolving Practice time period perception management became a main focus.  Also in 2000, the rise of social media greatly helped PR, and by this time PR turned more into relation management.

In Years to Come PR will continually have to update itself due to constant change.  Also for the future of PR it is crucial to begin to think outside of the box!


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